Jamestory…..chapter 4: Yep. Atheism comes with good chips and dips

21 01 2010

I want people to truly understand why I am doing this and such.  I also want to explain to people that I am not in fact bashing the Catholic Religion in any way shape or form.  In fact, I am not bashing religion as a whole neither.


With that said, let me continue with my history.

After pretty much giving up on God as a part of my life, something happened.  CANCER!

I found the lump quite by accident.  It was in my lymph under my right arm pit.  I went and saw a doctor and sure enough, it was cancerous.  Doc went in, removed as much as he could, did the chemo and rad treatment and through all that time, you would think that I would of found God.  Guess what!

Nope.  In fact, this made me even more hard core of an atheist.  Not in the way of why would God do this to a person.


Mine was really, OK, I have cancer.  Now I must beat it.  It was actually something my mother said to me when I broke the news that I had cancer.

James.  I’ll pray for you.

The night after my last appointment, I sat on my couch and just sat there in the dark.  No voices.  No reassurance.  Nada.

But it was there that I evaluated my life.  It was at that moment when I realized that something was missing.  I was making wrong decisions still, but for the most part, no one but myself was ever harmed, or so I thought.

It would take a discussion with a dear friend, meeting a person that was wrong for me and reuniting with a friend I have lost to finally realize that my relationships with people would never be worth unless I first had a relationship with God.




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